Ros Gloag

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Emily Remnant

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A photo of Nadine Chapman
Nadine Chapman

Postdoctoral Research Associate
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A photo of Julie Lim
Julie Lim

Research Assistant

A Photo of Professor Benjamin Oldroyd
Benjamin Oldroyd

Emeritus Professor
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A photo of Professor Madeleine Beekman
Madeleine Beekman

Emeritus Professor
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Venkatesh Nagarajan

Honorary Associate
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a photo of Tim Heard
Tim Heard

Honorary Associate


Thomas Hagan

PhD Student

Project title: The Evolution and Ecology of Invasive Apis cerana

Research Interests: Any time that a population expands range a series of genetic processes influence these “invaders”. However, despite range expansions being extremely common in the history of life, little work has been done to describe the population dynamics of invasive species. I am interested in quantifying these invasion dynamics, using Australia’s newly invasive population of A. cerana.


Thomas Gillard

PhD Student

Project title: Venereal pathogens of honey bees: first thorough survey of Apis mellifera infectious reproductive diseases

Research Interests: I am interested in reproduction and breeding in honey bees. As a vet, I am also interested in diseases and pathology. The intersection between the two? Reproductive diseases. This is an under-studied field in honey bees, and I seek to explore the diversity and prevalence of reproductive pathogens in this species.

Links: Instagram @the_bee_vet, Twitter @the_bee_vet


Inez Vlasich-Brennan

Masters Student

Project title: Thermal tolerance of Australian native stingless bees (Tetragonula sp.)


Genevieve Law

Honours Student

Project title: Is the stingless bee Tetragonula hockingsi undergoing speciation?

Rebecca Antaki

Honours Student

Project title: Does the early bee pollinate the almond?

Michelle Liang

Honours Student

Project title:Uncapping behaviour in a Varroa destructor-naïve honeybee (Apis mellifera) population

Morgan Kelly

Honours Student

Project title: Pandemic in the pacific: Characterising viral dynamics during a novel Varroa invasion

James Damayo

Honours Student

Project title: Virus silencing in honey bee mites

Rebecca McKee

Honours Student

Project title: Endogenous small RNAs in the honey bee mite, Varroa destructor

Estella Xia

Honours Student

Project title: Rates of queen and colony turnover in Australian stingless bees