Ros Gloag

ARC DECRA Fellow, USyd Robinson Fellow
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Emily Remnant

Links: Profile, Google Scholar, Twitter @EmsyRemsy


A photo of Nadine Chapman
Nadine Chapman

Postdoctoral Research Associate
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A photo of Julie Lim
Julie Lim

Research Assistant

A Photo of Professor Benjamin Oldroyd
Benjamin Oldroyd

Emeritus Professor
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A photo of Professor Madeleine Beekman
Madeleine Beekman

Emeritus Professor
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Venkatesh Nagarajan

Honorary Associate
Links: Profile, Google Scholar, Twitter @NR_Venkatesh

a photo of Tim Heard
Tim Heard

Honorary Associate


Genevieve Law

PhD Student

Project title: Mito-nuclear coevolution in Tetragonula stingless bees

Rebecca McKee

Honours Student

Project title: Endogenous small RNAs in the honey bee mite, Varroa destructor


Inez Vlasich-Brennan

Masters Student

Project title: Thermal tolerance of Australian native stingless bees (Tetragonula sp.)


Georgie Brennan

Honours Student

Project title: Rates of queen and colony turnover in Australian stingless bees

Morgan Kelly

Research Assistant

Project title: Pandemic in the pacific: Characterising viral dynamics during a novel Varroa invasion

James Damayo

Research Assistant

Project title: Virus silencing in honey bee mites